A fresh stack of #TBR books!

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by Claudia D. Lucero

There’s nothing better than seeing a fresh stack of books to read in the morning! 📚 ☄️

It is May 4th and we are honoring Star Wars Day with a sneak peak at our thrilling science-fiction ARCs. They are so good you won’t want to put them down. Also, keep your eyes peeled—as one or two have already hit bookshelves!

1. The Best Science Fiction of the Year: Volume Two By Neil Clarke is remarkable in its scope of contributors, expanse of different worlds and characters, and skilled curating of Neil Clarke—a collection perfect for hardcore sci-fi fans. Get your best sci-fi anthology recapping 2016 here first from Night Shade Books. On sale April 4

2. In Swarm and Steel by Michael R. Fletcher, the power of belief can manifest and shape reality, and for political and religious leaders, faith becomes a powerful tool. But the insane are capable of twisting reality with their delusions as well, turning increasingly dangerous as their sanity crumbles. On sale August 22

3. The Caledonian Gambit: A Novel by Dan Moren is the story of a galaxy is stuck in a cold war between two superpowers. The Illyrican Empire and the Commonwealth are locked in a battle for power, and peace must be restored to the galaxy before it is too late. The Commonwealth’s preeminent spy, Simon Kovalic, soon makes a discovery that could change everything: Kyle Rankin, a lowly janitor happily scrubbing toilets on a remote and isolated planet, is not who he says he is. On sale May 23

4. Godblind by Anna Stephens is a story that follows Dom Longsword a Watcher who is also cursed with a power that plagues him with visions and prophecies. When Rillirin, an escaped Mireces slave, stumbles broken and bleeding into his village, Dom foresees the unthinkable: a horrible war between Rilpor and the Mireces.. Can Rillirin, with her inside knowledge of the Red Gods and her shocking ties to the Mireces king, help Dom and Rilpor win the coming war? On sale June 20

5. In Dichronauts by Greg Egan, light cannot travel in all directions: there is a “dark cone” to the north and south. When Seth joins an expedition to the edge of the habitable zone, they discover a terrifying threat: a fissure in the surface of the world, so deep and wide that no one can perceive its limits. As the habitable zone continues to move, the migration will soon be blocked by this unbridgeable void, and the expedition has only one option to save its city from annihilation: descend into the unknown. On sale July 11.

We are astonished to see so many tempting reads, which one do YOU want to read first?


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by Anna Stephens
ISBN: 9781940456935

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ISBN: 9781597808927

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