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by Phil Van Treuren, Guest blogger

Being able to turn a hobby that you’re passionate about into a successful business isn’t easy, but my family has had the opportunity do just that with, a monthly subscription box for horse owners. And thanks to Skyhorse Publishing, our subscribers are going be treated to some of the best equine-related books on the market.

Even though my name, Philip, means “lover of horses,” I had never so much as touched a horse until about six years ago. That’s when my daughter, Sophie, became obsessed with horses and decided that she wanted to learn how to ride.

Today, my family spends at least an hour every day at a nearby stable where we house our own horse, Dash. Horses have become a huge part of our lives, and the idea for SaddleBox grew out of the passion that we’ve developed for all things equine.

Every month, SaddleBox sends subscribers a box full of treats, grooming products, and other surprises that their horses will love. But that’s not all; we also make sure to include at least one item in each box that is just for horse owners, like equine-related books.

We’re excited that our May box is going to include a copy of Little Red Book of Horse Wisdom, a wonderful book from Yvette Grant that’s published by Skyhorse Publishing. I’m a big fan of the book, which is a charming collection of quotes from experts and enthusiasts in the horse world.

Our contacts at Skyhorse Publishing have a great appreciation for equine enthusiasts, and we’re already making plans to include other great horse-related books from Skyhorse in future SaddleBoxes. It’s great to know that we’re working with a publishing company that understands and nurtures the passion our subscribers have for their horses.

Here’s something we’re really proud of: at the end of each year, we’re going to donate a percentage of SaddleBox’s profits to horse rescue organizations in the United States that help abused and abandoned horses. We know that many neglected horses don’t have an owner who cares for them, and we want to do as much as we can for the groups that are dedicated to helping these amazing animals.

If you’re a horse owner, we hope you’ll check out SaddleBox and sign up for a monthly subscription. Our dream is to make every new box better than the last . . . and thanks to Skyhorse Publishing and other great equine-focused companies, that dream is becoming a reality!

— Phil Van Treuren

Founder, SaddleBox


The Little Red Book of Horse Wisdom
by Yvette Grant and Buck Brannaman
ISBN: 9781510702240

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