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To celebrate the launch of our Pokémon GO inspired books, we are giving away some exclusive keychains made specifically for our Pokémon GO books!* One lucky winner will also get a copy of Mini Hacks for Pokémon GO Players! Be … Read More

The Comic Strip Celebrates LAUGHING LEGENDS

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By Jeffrey Gurian, Author

This article was extracted and edited from In 1976, the Comic Strip opened its doors on the Upper East Side on 2nd Avenue at 82nd street.  Forty years later, the Strip is the oldest continuously running club in New York … Read More

I Am and Have Always Been a Bookworm

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By Sarah Jones, Author Liaison

My first day of training in Skyhorse’s New York office, I felt immediately at home among the thousands of books surrounding me. I am and have always been a bookworm, so to work in an environment in which I am … Read More

Why I Think Skyhorse is Successful

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By Steven Sussman, Sales Director

In my 40 year plus career in publishing, I have been witness to many publishing milestones and changes along the way… Buy me a coffee and I’d be happy to expound upon these events. But I’m not here to reminisce. I’m … Read More

A Decade at Skyhorse

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By Abigail Gehring, Associate Publisher and Editorial Director, Cooking & Lifestyle

I almost missed my opportunity to join Skyhorse. It was just over ten years ago, and I was living in Newark, New Jersey, in a half finished kitchen—I kept my clothes in the cabinets over the sink and spackled wallboard … Read More

Publishing is a People Business

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By Mark Gompertz, Group Editorial Director

As I walk around the Skyhorse Publishing offices it is certainly encouraging to see the intense concentration of people working at their desktops. I’m certainly no luddite and can often be seen typing away at my keyboard just like everyone … Read More

The Night Chris Rock Got Discovered

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By Jeffrey Gurian, Author

Please join us in welcoming our new guest blogger, author and comedian Jeffrey Gurian! Here’s one of his (countless) crazy stories. It was 1986, and Eddie Murphy was the biggest movie star in the world because of his leading role … Read More

Happy Aviation Day!

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Happy Aviation Day, Carousel readers! Leslie here! Early in the process of divvying up titles here in the publicity department at Skyhorse, I think it’s natural that we each pounce on book categories we’re attracted to; my colleague Jake, for … Read More

Meet the Ex-Wives!

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by Holiday Miller and Valerie Shepherd, Authors

Well, HELLO! We are the Ex-Wives…also known as Holiday & Valerie. We’re tall blondes that share a passion for writing, a gift for gabbing, and… an ex-husband. Yes, really! Our unique friendship began after we both married and divorced the … Read More

Happy National Coloring Book Day!

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by Susan Fuller, Colorist and Blogger

I’ve always considered myself a colorist, not an artist, because I love to color others’ line art. In 2015, I was excited to see adult coloring books on Amazon. I began to notice local stores selling them as well. One day … Read More

Fantasy Coloring Contest Winner

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by Grace Guarnieri, Publicity Assistant

Whether it be dashing across Manhattan traffic to catch a Staryu on the Pokémon Go app or purchasing a fresh box of Crayolas to scribble in a coloring book, there seems to be some uncontrollable urge in 90’s kids to … Read More