Flipping Water Bottles: Tips and Tricks…. Plus a T-Shirt Giveaway You Don’t Want to Miss!

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T-Shirt Giveaway! Details below.

From fail…

to champion…

We’re all a little obsessed. But just when you thought you knew all the tricks, along comes something Flippin’ Awesome! : Water Bottle Flip Games, Tricks, & Stunts for Everyone! We’re giving you a sneak peek at the FIRST AND ONLY book on water bottle flipping, including everything from the basics to advanced maneuvers, water bottle flipping games, and more.


Free water bottle flipping t-shirts. Details below!

Here are some freebies for you, just a small taste of the gallons of information inside:

  • Free tip: Before you try the flip, grab the bottle by the neck just under the cap and swing it gently at your side to gauge the weight and the force you’ll need to use.
  • Free variation: The blind flip! You guessed it. Cover those peepers.
  • Free physics fact: The center of gravity is the heaviest part of the bottle [which, of course, isn’t static when the water is sloshing around in there].
  • Free bottle bling idea: Stick-on moustaches. Kachow.
  • Free trick shot: Action Sequence: Flip a bottle so that it sticks its landing on a skateboard rolling past you [or any other moving surface—without endangering yourself, of course…].
  • Free advanced maneuver: The B-ball Bounce: Balance a bottle on top of a basketball and hold the basketball out in front of you at waist level. Drop the ball so that the bottle bounces up onto a table. Kabam.
  • Free game: Truth or dare. Sit in a circle and take turns flipping. If your flip doesn’t stick the landing, you have to choose truth or dare and sweat it out until you complete the challenge suggested by the person to your left.

Flippin’ Awesome is filled with so many more games, tricks, and ideas than just this small sample. It’s the go-to water bottle flipping book that you didn’t know existed.

Oh yeah—did we mention we have a water bottle flipping t-shirt giveaway? Here are the details:

T-Shirt Giveaway!


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We’ll announce the winners beginning on December 26th!

*The giveaway ends on December 24, 2016. Emails received after that date will not be included in the giveaway. U.S. and Canada residents only.

Don’t forget to show off your flippin’ skills (or lack thereof). You can share to us @skyhorsepub on Instagram. #FlippinAwesome!

Flippin’ Awesome! : Water Bottle Flip Games, Tricks, & Stunts for Everyone!
By Sarah Doughty
ISBN: 9781631581694

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