Giddy Up and Celebrate the New Year with Skyhorse

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Grab your saddles and hold on to your hats book lovers because yeeeehaw! We’ve made it through 2016 and 2017 is upon us. With the start of a new year comes new beginnings and goals. That is why we would like to share with you some of our Skyhorser’s New Year’s resolutions. Who knows, maybe you’ll get inspired to start a resolution yourself!

Leslie’s NY Resolution: No complaining!

“Whenever I feel like complaining, I’ll work on finding a solution, instead, however small.”

Leslie D. Davis, Digital Marketing Coordinator and Assistant Publicist

Sam’s NY Resolution: To travel more!

Sam Levitz, Assistant Managing Editor

Our wanderlusting Sam spent the holidays traveling all over Europe and she can’t get enough! She wants to spend 2017 seeing more of the world.

Sarah: To get myself and my finances together!

Divorce is never easy, but Sarah is not letting it keep her down. She has made it a priority to get herself and her finances more in order, so that she can move towards her goals.

She rocks! #girlpower

Sarah Jones, Author Liaison

Hope this little 2017 New Year’s post motivated you all to start some of your own resolutions. Or even if it didn’t, that’s okay too! Just because the calendar changed doesn’t mean you HAVE to have one. You create goals when YOU want.

#newyearnewme or nah?

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