ICYMI: National Wine Day

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By Claudia D. Lucero

Happy Late National Wine Drinking Day!


Were you too busy relaxing during the long 3-day weekend so much so that you missed National Wine Drinking Day on Saturday, February 18th? Well, we hear ya’! But that’s okay you can relax, sit back, and still pour yourself a glass of superb wine. Just remember to swirl and sniff before taking a sip! Oh, and if you want to pair your glass of wine with some top-notch reads here are our picks. Santé!

  1. For when you want to be known as a wine connoisseur without having to breaking your budget check out  Reverse Wine SnobHow to Buy and Drink Great Wine without Breaking the Bank by Jon Thorsen

2. For the days when you want to jot down notes of an excellent wine, this pocket-sized travel companion is an ideal journal. This journal is ideal not just to write in but also discover all-star tips on imbibing wine! The Wine Journal by Jennifer McCartney 

  1. For those with a fancy for factoids on the proper way to create a barrel of wine and beautifully photographed compendiums we recommend you pre-order an up and coming book, The Joy of Winemaking: An Illustrated Handbook to Making Wine at Home by Deana Morin, Amanda Brackett

4. Not loving wine at the moment? You can always pop open a bottle of bubbly and learn about food pairings, refining your sense of smell, even creating tastings through A Scent of Champagne 8,000 Champagnes Tasted and Rated by Richard Juhlin, foreword by Édouard Cointreau

Reverse Wine Snob
By Jon Thorsen

The Wine Journal By Jennifer McCartney ISBN: 9781510707603

The Joy of Winemaking
By Deana Morin, Amanda Brackett
ISBN: 9781634508254

A Scent of Champagne
By Richard Juhlin, Édouard Cointreau
ISBN: 9781634506496

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