An inspiring speech for an inspiring book

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Speech by Bart Davis

Touch the Earth by Julian Lennon and Bart Davis with illustrations by Smiljana Coh has reached a level of success beyond our wildest dreams. To have an inside look at the book launch party that celebrated this New York Times Bestseller, keep reading! Co- Author Bart Davis had some inspiring words for the crowd that attended:

Julian Lennon (right) and Tony Lyons of Skyhorse Publishing listen to a touching speech by co-author Bart Davis.

“Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. We’ve come to the thank you and toast portion of the evening.

“I remember remarking to Julian when he came to New York, and we first got together with the Skyhorse team to have lunch, that it was unnatural in the publishing world for everyone to say nice things about the boss. It was even more unnatural that everyone seemed to like him. In the past year, we’ve found out the truth about Tony Lyons. His support for our book, his unconditional commitment to making the world a better place, and his sensitivity to the issues we raised, have given Julian and me the ability to reach countless children with our message. And as it turns out, we actually like him, too.

“The team that formed around the idea of this book deserve so much of the credit. With them, we were better, bigger, more creative. Our agents Robert Gottlieb and Alyssa Henkin of Trident, gave us ideas and support from the time of inception, through every draft. Mark Gompertz of Skyhorse, saw the vision and said “Yes,” that rare and beautiful word that means everything to writers. Smiljana Coh, our illustrator, gave life to every word with her beautiful pictures. My daughter, Ally, who just received her Masters in Public Health gave her insight into the problems the world faces. And to Julian’s great team—Patrick Cousins, Braden Kuhlman and Brad Cafarelli for all their hard work and for constructing such a great PR tour. And to Julian’s mum, Cynthia, to whom the book is dedicated and who I am sure would have loved it.

“I am getting older, so I know a few things. Maybe. Life is a strange and wondrous, get-it/don’t-get-it journey, often lost, sometimes found. We treasure the people who make that journey with us. My journey to touch the earth began with Julian Lennon. He is my friend, my inspiration, my model of what a great man should be, and his is the central message of this book—that in the fight to protect our planet, we are all in it together. His magic is in every word, every idea. His deep sensitivity runs through our book like a river.”

Julian Lennon gives a speech as Tony Lyons and guests look on.

Tony Lyons congratulates authors Julian Lennon and Bart Davis.

“Working with Jules has been the greatest creative experience of my life, and for that, and his constant friendship, I am eternally grateful. Jules and I have always believed that if we teach children to love the planet, they will always want to protect it. He was the one who taught me the truth of the African proverb: ‘We do not inherit the Earth from our Ancestors, we borrow it from our Children.’

“Others talk about what to do. They utter the phrase so easily: Somebody should do something. Julian never accepted that. Instead, he created the White Feather Foundation to face the earth’s problems squarely and bring about a resolution. That is no small thing. I am truly proud to be a part of that effort. Jules, you are the very best.

“So, together, we thank you all for coming tonight to celebrate the publication of a unique and beautiful book. With a deep and abiding hope for all we seek to accomplish on this planet, Ladies and Gentlemen and all who love our planet, please raise your glasses to celebrate the publication of the new bestseller Touch The Earth. Cheers!”

Skyhorse authors Julian Lennon and Bart Davis sign copies at a party hosted by Tony Lyons.

Julian Lennon, Tony Lyons, and Bart Davis celebrate the release of Touch the Earth just before it became a New York Times bestseller!

Touch the Earth
by Julian Lennon and Bart Davis
Illustrated by Smiljana Coh
ISBN: 9781510720831

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  1. Very nice speech to Julian, and involved in bringing this wonderful book to fruition. Thank you Sky Pony press for helping to get this gem out to our children, as it helps to teach them, the importance of saving our planet, and our greatest resource water

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