The New Face of FIX-IT AND FORGET-IT Slow Cooker Cookbooks

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by Abigail Gehring, Associate Publisher and Editorial Director, Cooking & Lifestyle

Editorial Director Abigail Gehring interviews new Fix-It and Forget-It brand ambassador Hope Comerford

Exciting things are happening with Fix-It and Forget-It, our New York Times bestselling slow cooker cookbook series! Slow cooker enthusiast Hope Comerford has taken over as ambassador of the brand and just finished putting together her first Fix-It and Forget-It book: Fix-It and Forget-It Lazy & Slow Cookbook: 365 Days of Slow Cooker Recipes. I could tell you how perfect she is for this role, but I figured I’d let her speak for herself . . .

Abigail: You were passionate about slow cooking long before you took on this role for Fix-It and Forget-It. When did you get your first slow cooker? Was it love at first dinner or did it take you a while to appreciate all the benefits of a slow cooker?

Hope: It is true, I was passionate about slow cooking long before my role with Fix-It and Forget-It. I purchased my very first slow cooker in 2000 at a “day after Thanksgiving” sale! I’m pretty sure it only cost me $5, a deal I couldn’t pass up. The only thing I knew how to cook in a slow cooker at that time was a roast. My love of cooking comes from my grandma and I remembered her cooking roasts in our slow cooker at home when she would stay with us during the week. I liked my slow cooker alright, but I didn’t fully fall in love with it until 2009, when my daughter was a year old and my husband and I were working on our Master’s degrees together and still working full-time. It was a crazy-busy time in our lives. While trying to menu plan for the week, I went searching in my cupboard for a cookbook and remembered my slow cooker! We had roast made in our slow cooker the next evening, which of course, was ready for us when we came home from work. My husband and I realized the slow cooker was the answer to all of our dinner problems and it hasn’t left our counter since then!

Abigail: Be honest, how many slow cookers do you own?

Hope: I currently own ten. I’ve been given slow cookers to review from many different companies over the past six years. I find uses for all ten slow cookers I own, so none of them just sit in the back of the cupboard!

Abigail: What excites you most about representing the Fix-It and Forget-It brand?

Hope: Oh my goodness! Fix-It and Forget-It is iconic! I think every family has at least one Fix-It and Forget-It cookbook in their house. I feel tremendously honored to be in this role. I can’t think of a single home cook in this world who wouldn’t feel the same. It’s one of those once in a lifetime opportunities, and to be living this is honestly amazing! I’m so excited to keep the Fix-It and Forget-It tradition going, while bringing in some of my healthier-geared recipes to the Fix-It and Forget-It fans. I hope I can make the Fix-It and Forget-It fans as happy and proud as Phyllis made them all her years with Fix-It and Forget-It!

Abigail: You’ve been monitoring the Fix-It and Forget-It Facebook page (786,000+ fans) for a few months now. What have you learned about Fix-It and Forget-It fans through that? Anything that surprised you?

Hope: I have been enjoying getting to know the Fix-It and Forget-It fans through Facebook. I have learned they are very loyal! Phyllis has been all they have known with Fix-It and Forget-It, so introducing myself was scary! But I have heard nothing but positive, welcoming comments. The Fix-It and Forget-It fans are just as passionate about slow-cooking as I am, so I think that’s why we’re getting along so well thus far!

Abigail: Your first Fix-It and Forget-It book, Fix-It and Forget-It Lazy and Slow Cookbook, will be out in January. It’s a mix of your own recipes and recipes from Team Fix-It. Did you find it challenging to come up with meal plans and recipes for every day of the year?

Hope: First, I am beyond excited for my very first Fix-It and Forget-It Cookbook to be released! It was challenging, but so rewarding. What I found most challenging was just coming up with enough recipes in which I could re-use the protein from a previous recipe. It was incredibly easy to find many delicious recipes to include in this book, but not as easy to make them all “work together.” I did it though, and the rewarding feeling I had when it was completed has far out-weighed any of the challenges I experienced.

Abigail: Anything else you’d like to tell us about yourself?

Hope: I’m so glad you asked! I am a wife to my incredibly supportive husband of ten years and a mom to two, beautiful, amazing, and patient children. My whole family has been so encouraging throughout this journey. A couple months ago, when I had been working all day and late into the night on my first Fix-It and Forget-It cookbook, I went to bed to discover my kids had drawn me pictures and wrote encouraging notes for me to find on my pillow. “You can do this, Mom!” They mean the world to me! Besides my amazing family, I am also an elementary music teacher of thirteen years. I teach online fitness classes as well, and am also very passionate about essential oils and teach classes on them regularly! I love to cook, of course, but also enjoy reading in the evenings to wind down from my day. I enjoy making memories with my family and really enjoy traveling! I cannot wait to make more memories with Fix-It and Forget-It and am so ready to embrace this incredible journey!

-Abigail Gehring, Associate Publisher, Editorial Director, Cooking & Lifestyle
Skyhorse Publishing

-Hope Comerford, Fix-It and Forget-It brand ambassador

Fix-It and Forget-It Lazy and Slow Cookbook: 365 Days of Slow Cooker Recipes
By Hope Comerford
ISBN: 978-1-68099-174-1

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