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By Nicola Hassapis, Guest Blogger
Pop City Life blogger Nicola Hassapis Fall 2016 breakout YA novel

Author Yvonne Ventresca’s sophomore novel Black Flowers, White Lies, released by Sky Pony Press in October, is the ideal holiday gift for anyone in your life who likes their YA fiction served with a side of creepy. Black Flowers, White … Read More

The New York Times Weighs In

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The New York Times Headline December 14, 2016

Russia’s hacks have made major headlines. The Plot To Hack America by Malcolm Nance was the first book to tackle the potential interference from Russia election. On the same day the New York Times announced the Russia hacks, Pulitzer prize … Read More

Globalization Is the Issue

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By Edward Goldberg, Author

This article was extracted and edited from Edward Goldberg’s piece in the Huffington Post and Real Clear World: It was even made more obvious at Monday night’s debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump that globalization—an issue too hard to … Read More

An Old Lesson Is Learned Again

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By Nancy Basile, Guest Blogger

When I opened the package from Skyhorse Publishing to see three of Jodi Taylor’s novels, the steampunk-meets-Renaissance book covers threw me. These were not trendy images with minimalist design and solid fonts, nor were they fanciful landscapes topped with cursive … Read More

Clean Cooking

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By Mrs. Robin, Keeper at the Bookshelf

Clean Cooking by Elisabeth Johansson isn’t just about putting on an apron in an effort to keep the kitchen clean. It also means putting on an apron to provide the most nutritious food possible for your family. Intolerance to certain … Read More

How to Lose a Fortune in the Oil Patch

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Author Leland Faust offers his take on the entropy of Barron’ oil predictions. Barron’s October 24, 2016 issue touts its 12th annual Art of Successful Investing conference. Included in the table of contents for its article and interviews from that … Read More

From Previvor to Survivor

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By Angela Schmidt Fishbaugh, M.Ed., CET II, Author
book about surviving breast cancer - cancer survivor memoir

I tested positive in 2009 for the BRCA1 deleterious mutated gene. Back then, at the age of forty-one, I became a previvor. I made the decision to undergo a prophylactic bilateral mastectomy followed by a total hysterectomy. I had both surgeries within … Read More

Peyton Manning: A Quarterback for the Ages

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By Craig Kelley, Jim Saccomano & Sports Publishing

Authors Jim Saccomano and Craig Kelley each had a special vantage point from which to observe and appreciate future Hall of Fame quarterback, Peyton Manning. Saccomano retired as the Vice President of public relations for the Denver Broncos after spending … Read More