Living Gluten-Free in a Pizza-Loving World

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by Sam Levitz, Assistant Managing Editor

It was July 2009 and I was sitting on a beach in San Diego. The sky was a perfect blue as the waves crashed against the rocks rhythmically. There was a salt taste on my lips, but it wasn’t from … Read More


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When new evidence arises in a cold case, can Professor Hopkins refrain from delving into a newfound world of corruption, vice, and danger? Need something new to read with your reader’s group? Look no further! Cotton is a thrilling, stand-alone addition … Read More

Meet the Ex-Wives!

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by Holiday Miller and Valerie Shepherd, Authors

Well, HELLO! We are the Ex-Wives…also known as Holiday & Valerie. We’re tall blondes that share a passion for writing, a gift for gabbing, and… an ex-husband. Yes, really! Our unique friendship began after we both married and divorced the … Read More

The New Face of FIX-IT AND FORGET-IT Slow Cooker Cookbooks

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by Abigail Gehring, Associate Publisher and Editorial Director, Cooking & Lifestyle

Exciting things are happening with Fix-It and Forget-It, our New York Times bestselling slow cooker cookbook series! Slow cooker enthusiast Hope Comerford has taken over as ambassador of the brand and just finished putting together her first Fix-It and Forget-It … Read More


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In recognition of the anniversary of the atomic bombing in Hiroshima, we have selected a book for our August Readers’ Group Pick that is based on a firsthand experience with the tragic attack seventy-one years ago. The Last Cherry Blossom by … Read More

Happy National Coloring Book Day!

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by Susan Fuller, Colorist and Blogger

I’ve always considered myself a colorist, not an artist, because I love to color others’ line art. In 2015, I was excited to see adult coloring books on Amazon. I began to notice local stores selling them as well. One day … Read More

The PERFECT Dessert for a Hot, Summer Day

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National cheesecake day is tomorrow, and we’re here to bring you one of our favorite cheesecake recipes for you to treat yourself with this weekend (You can thank me later). Now, cheesecake is amazing, but when you’re living on your own or … Read More


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We Skyhorsers aren’t any more immune to “Hamilton Fever” than you are! That’s why we’ve got a post packed full of treats for you. After the following interview with The Hamilton Affair author Elizabeth Cobbs, you’ll find printable, a fun behind-the-scenes video, … Read More

Fantasy Coloring Contest Winner

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by Grace Guarnieri, Publicity Assistant

Whether it be dashing across Manhattan traffic to catch a Staryu on the Pokémon Go app or purchasing a fresh box of Crayolas to scribble in a coloring book, there seems to be some uncontrollable urge in 90’s kids to … Read More

Celebrate National Ice Cream Month!

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If you’ve been living under a rock and somehow missed that yesterday was National Ice Cream Day, don’t worry! It’s actually National Ice Cream MONTH! Which means you have every excuse to enjoy ice cream all month long. Whether you like … Read More

Losing a Friend

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by Jason Katzman, Editor

The relationship between an author and editor is a special one. My opinion is that the more the two get along, the better the quality of the work will be. An editor’s job is to make the author’s work the … Read More


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A story of justice through the ages . . . and revenge. Germany, 1945. The bloodiest war in history is at an end. Now the retribution and search for justice begins. In a series of Nuremberg trials, war criminals are … Read More