The Recipe You NEED on the 4th

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We love the 4th of July, and not just because of the fireworks or the long weekend or the exclamation of American pride. But, of course, we’re here for the food. We’re always on the hunt for new recipes to try out, … Read More

Button Giveaway for FRAMED

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We Skyhorsers have some things we’re very practiced at doing and doing well. Two of these things include producing excellent books (duh) and promoting those books. But as we’re nearing the release of Framed, our hands are tied; the book is … Read More

One Woman’s Place in Pride

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by Lauren Jackson, Publicity Manager

I went to my first NYC Pride parade when I was fifteen. Fifteen also marks the year I first fell in love with a girl. In retrospect, I don’t think I planned to go to Pride for that reason, but … Read More


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This is the easiest decision you’ll have to make in the month of July, just behind some other life-altering choices… Ice cream or watermelon on the Fourth of July? (Both, obviously.) It’s your turn to pick the book this month, … Read More