Running Books to Inspire Your Next Marathon

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By Ronnie Alvarado, Assistant Editor

As a proud New Yorker and an avid long distance runner, there are few events that I look forward to more than the New York City Marathon. Crisscrossing all five boroughs of the greatest city in the world, it’s a race unlike any other. Every fall, runners from across the globe journey to New York to stride across the Verrazano Bridge, to battle the hills of Central Park, and to bask in the cheers of NYC residents.

To help keep the spirit of the NYC Marathon alive, Skyhorse Publishing has a selection of books about running as exciting and as diverse as the City itself.

Inspired by watching all the runners hit the pavement? Then pick up Run your First Marathon by the legendary nine-time winner of the NYC Marathon Grete Waitz, with Gloria Averbuch. Inside you’ll find training programs, motivational techniques, and more to help you conquer 26.2 miles. And because twenty-six miles is a long way, peruse The Long Distance Runner’s Guide to Injury Prevention and Treatment to make sure that you’re giving your legs the care they need. To help round out your training, pick up Jason Karp’s The Inner Runner for tips to maximize your confidence or Jackie Dikos’s Finish Line Fueling for recipes to maximize your nutrition.

Not quite ready to tackle a full marathon, or not sure that you have enough time to train? Try The 30-Minute Runner by Duncan Larkin (January 2018; available via pre-order), which takes a simplified approach to training— to break down everything into one thirty-minute session per day, a manageable segment for first-time runners and those who may be in decent shape but lead incredibly busy lives.

Looking to learn a little more about history of the New York Marathon? Try Forever at the Finish Line, the remarkable and inspiring story of author Daniel Mitrovich, a runner from San Diego who had a goal of putting a life-size statue of New York Marathon founder Fred Lebow in Central Park. Still curious? History buffs can get an in-depth look at the sport in Andrew Hutchinson’s fascinating The Complete History of Cross-Country Running.

Or seeking some real-life inspiration? Try Square One by Dirk Vlieks, the awe-inspiring story of a marathoner who returns to the sport after a debilitating stroke. Or for something a little lighter, pick up Jill Grunenwald’s Running with a Police Escort, a series of reflections and anecdotes from a proud back-of-the-pack runner.

So whether you laced up for a PR on November 5, or simply enjoyed watching from your living room, I hope you enjoyed every second and all twenty-six-plus miles of the 2017 New York City Marathon.

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Run Your First Marathon
Everything You Need to Know to Reach the Finish Line

By Grete Waitz, By Gloria Averbuch, Foreword by Deena Kastor

The Long Distance Runner’s Guide to Injury Prevention and Treatment
How to Avoid Common Problems and Deal with Them When They Happen

Edited by Brian J. Krabak, Edited by Grant S. Lipman, Edited by Brandee L. Waite

The 30-Minute RunnerSmart Training for Busy Beginners
By Duncan Larkin, Foreword by Dr. Mike Moreno
ISBN 9781510721326


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