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We’re a couple short weeks away from bidding adieu to 2017, and we’re reflecting on the past year. Last January, we posted some New Years Resolutions from Skyhorse staff. We thought it would be fun to revisit them and update you on how we did!

Did you manage to stick to your own resolutions for the year? Tell us in the comments!

Leslie said, “No more complaining!”

“I can’t say I stopped whining altogether… I’m human, after all! But my goal was a little more nuanced and practical than that: to work on finding a solution when I encountered a problem rather than simply feeling victimized.

“I can honestly say I’ve gotten so much better about this! I’m awfully proud, and I’ve noticed I’m happier at work, with friends, and at home.”

Digital Marketing Manager Leslie D. Davis with one of her literary idols, Oscar Wilde

Sam said, “I want to travel like crazy!”

Let’s just share Sam’s year in pictures, shall we?

Assistant Managing Editor Sam Levitz in Berlin…

…and Iceland…

…and Ireland!

Sarah said, “I’m going to improve my personal finances this year!”

“Trying to find your footing after divorce, especially with kids, can be extremely difficult.  I didn’t make any huge gains in my finances this year, at least not to the extent I might have liked – but, frankly, I believe a lot of people could say that.  However, I do feel as if I am more in control of them, and that is saying something.  I continue to be excited about what the future holds for me and my kids, and that’s what matters most!”

Author Liaison Sarah Jones

We hope our recap inspires you to reflect on how far you have come in the past year. Don’t forget to pat yourself on the back!

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