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July Book Club Pick

This is the easiest decision you’ll have to make in the month of July, just behind some other life-altering choices… Ice cream or watermelon on the Fourth of July? (Both, obviously.) It’s your turn to pick the book this month, or maybe you’re starting a book club for the first time. We’ve made the choice easy, for two reasons:

1. This book rocks.

2. We’ve done your homework for you—printable book club discussion questions, available here: Some People Talk with God – Book Club Discussion Questions.

Not convinced? Let us help you out:

“I was looking for something beach-y…”

Do you really want to sit by the pool reading about other people sitting by the pool? The great thing about summer reads are all the wacky places they take you! Read about Dominick’s mysterious half-sister who appears from no-where and leads him into a world where history meets New-Age and personal transformation is inevitible.

“But I didn’t read the first one!”

This is a standalone, knockout story. If you’ve already fallen in love with the quirky main character Dominick, you already know it’s going to be an adventure. If you haven’t, you’re about to!

“Is it lighthearted at all?”

In other words, will you laugh out loud? Yes. Just don’t let the hottie on the lounge chair next to you catch you snorting.

Some People Talk With God: A Novel
By John Enright
ISBN: 978-1-63158-096-3

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