Journey to Writing Rowing for My Life

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By Kathleen Saville, Guest Blogger

In 2006, five years after my partner in ocean rowing Curt Saville passed away, I decided to re-visit our 1980s ocean rowing days by re-reading our journals, logbooks and looking through a myriad of Kodachrome and Extachrome color slides and … Read More

A New Leader, and a New Year’s Resolution

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By Sabeeha Rehman, author of Threading My Prayer Rug: One Woman’s Journey from Pakistani Muslim to American Muslim, Guest Blogger

It was 5:00 a.m. when I woke up for my morning prayer. Folding away my prayer rug, I walked over to the TV. The screen lit up. “President-Elect. Donald Trump”. President Elect! I pressed the “off” button,coiled up, and hugged my knees, … Read More

Natural Wonders

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By Tima Murrell, Guest Blogger

Do you enjoy coloring, but think it’s a past time for children? Think again. Recently bookstores have been inundated with a wide variety of coloring books geared specifically for adults. The options are almost endless, the pages are detailed and … Read More

Color Me Impressed

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By Sam Levitz, Assistant Managing Editor

It’s been a couple of years since the adult coloring book phase caught on and it’s really made its way around. One of my favorite activities to do with old friends I haven’t seen in a while is to take … Read More


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By Nicola Hassapis, Guest Blogger
Pop City Life blogger Nicola Hassapis Fall 2016 breakout YA novel

Author Yvonne Ventresca’s sophomore novel Black Flowers, White Lies, released by Sky Pony Press in October, is the ideal holiday gift for anyone in your life who likes their YA fiction served with a side of creepy. Black Flowers, White … Read More

Skyhorse Publishing 10th Anniversary Celebration!

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By Amy Singh, Editorial Assistant
CEO Tony Lyons Skyhorse Publishing 2016 successful entrepreneur growing publishing company

Skyhorse Publishing recently celebrated a huge milestone: its tenth anniversary! The sales and finance team “kicking-off” the night! (Left to Right) Kathryn Mennone, Director, Special Markets & National Accounts; Ming Liu, Sales Assistant; Giselle Rosado, Customer Service Manager; Jody Faulkner, … Read More

Snakes… My Favorite Animal

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By Sam Levitz, Assistant Managing Editor
Venom Doc - Ryan Grieg Fry - Skyhorse Publishing

The summer of 2014 was my last summer working as a camp counselor. I had been working the gig for seven years at this point and I was a pro at getting kids involved in the different camp activities. Kids … Read More

Globalization is the Issue

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By Edward Goldberg, Author

This article was extracted and edited from Edward Goldberg’s piece in the Huffington Post and Real Clear World. It was even made more obvious at Monday night’s debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump that globalization—an issue too hard to … Read More

I Am and Have Always Been a Bookworm

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By Sarah Jones, Author Liaison

My first day of training in Skyhorse’s New York office, I felt immediately at home among the thousands of books surrounding me. I am and have always been a bookworm, so to work in an environment in which I am … Read More

Why I Think Skyhorse is Successful

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By Steven Sussman, Sales Director

In my 40 year plus career in publishing, I have been witness to many publishing milestones and changes along the way… Buy me a coffee and I’d be happy to expound upon these events. But I’m not here to reminisce. I’m … Read More