The Guardian of Mercy

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By Sebastian Gomes, Guest Blogger

Author of The Guardian of Mercy Terence Ward Shares intimate details about Carvaggio, “the artist of the poor”

“Exploring Caravaggio’s singular masterwork, in The Guardian of Mercy Terence Ward offers an incredible narrative journey into the heart of his artistry and his metamorphosis from fugitive to visionary… Ward’s guide in this journey is a contemporary artist whose own life was transformed by the painting, a simple man named Angelo who shows him where it still hangs in a small church in Naples and whose story helps him see its many layers.”

Sebastian Gomes interviews Terence Ward for Subject Matters

Sebestian Gomes and Terence Ward

-Sebastian Gomes, Guest Blogger
Subject Matters

The Guardian of Mercy
By Terence Ward
ISBN: 978-1-6287-2592-6

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