Top Five New Books to Kick Off 2018!

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By Rebecca Bolstein, Corrections Editor

Happy New Year, Carousel readers!

As always, it’s so, so hard to choose only FIVE releases for the month. We’re off to an amazing start in January of 2018. It’s my job to read every single book we publish here at Skyhorse (you’re jealous, I know…), and here are just five of my many favorites.

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Rebecca Bolstein, Corrections Editor, Skyhorse Publishing

Bringing Columbia Home

I remember watching the news when the Columbia shuttle was revealed to have disintegrated in the air upon reentry into the earth’s atmosphere. I was 10, and there were photos on the news that looked like bright little blurs, and it was hard to fathom that those blurs meant astronauts had lost their lives. Stories like these are so utterly heartbreaking because you are constantly wondering if something could have been done. This book reveals the untold stories of the crew that searched for the fallen pieces of and rebuilt the Columbia shuttle in the aftermath of the disaster in order to make sure a tragedy like this never would happen again. It’s an emotional and complex and hopeful book.

For readers who love stories about honoring the loss of inspirational people, click here to read a post by editor Jason Katzman.

Bringing Columbia Home
by Michael D. Leinbach and Jonathan H. Ward
ISBN: 9781628728514


In this sequel to the amazing YA novel Timekeeper, the story of Danny, the clock mechanic, and his new “boyfriend” Colton, the clock guardian spirit, continues in a new and fascinating direction. Danny is sent to India to investigate the bombing of clock towers during the time of English imperialism, and there are intense national and racial tensions to navigate. Tara Sim is a brilliant storyteller, and I recommend this series to all fans of fantasy YA, LGBT YA, and YA in general. The intimacy that Sim is able to depict between Danny and Colton is so sweet and so captivating that you will be begging for book three.

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by Tara Sim
ISBN: 9781510706194

Dr. Benjamin Franklin’s Dream America

This book is wild. I don’t even know how to explain it, but my best effort is to say it is probably the only book of its kind. Plot-wise, I would say it is a brilliant combination of history, science fiction, technology, fantastical creatures, and oddly moving death sequences. This book will have you rethinking what you know about storytelling as an art. And you will begin to confuse historical reality with the bizarre events depicted in this book. And it will be very jarring for you.

Here’s another great Sci-Fi you should check out!

Doctor Benjamin Franklin’s Dream America
by Damien Lincoln Ober
ISBN: 9781597809191

Complete Essential Oil Diffuser Recipes

I don’t have an oil diffuser. I’ve spent the last year ogling them at Bed, Bath, and Beyond, but I’ve never stepped up and made the purchase. But I will say this: nothing makes me want an oil diffuser more than going home to an apartment smelling of cat litter, Brooklyn garbage-air, and old Chinese food after reading this book. The idea that scents can affect your mood positively or negatively should be obvious to anyone who has entered a NYC subway car to find the distinct scent of rotting trash. This book focuses, thank goodness, on the recipes for combinations of essential oils that can positively influence your mental and emotional state. This whole city needs an oil diffuser and a copy of this book.

Something else that can seriously positively lift your mood? Click if you dare… here, here, and here!

Complete Essential Oil Diffuser Recipes
by Pam Farley
ISBN: 9781631582691

Marty Noble’s Cats Around the World

This book combines three of my favorite things: coloring, international travel, and cats. I’m one of those grown adults who still asks for new sets of colored pencils for her birthday. I cannot use a set of less than 16 pencils. There just are not nearly enough colors for the amount of shading I require. I loved seeing places I’ve been illustrated in these pages, and, in addition, nothing makes me happier than endless pages of illustrated cats. If you are an adult who loves coloring, if you are a child who loves coloring, if you are the parent of a child who loves coloring, if you are the child of a parent who loves coloring, you need this book. I cannot stress how cute it is.

Skyhorsers are huge pet lovers… even unusual ones like snakes! *gasp*

Marty Noble’s Cats Around the World
by Marty Noble
ISBN: 9781631582363

Which one are you adding to your TBR list? Tell us in the comments!

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