Our Top Five November New Releases

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By Rebecca Bolstein, Corrections Editor

As Corrections Editor at Skyhorse, I play fullback… I’m the final pass before a book goes to print. That means I get to read every. single. book. we publish. !

It’s an exciting job, and like all bookworms, I have plenty of opinions! It’s always difficult to choose from so many great books, but here are five I’ve selected to share with you that are coming out this month.

Happy reading!

Rebecca Bolstein, Corrections Editor, Skyhorse Publishing

Alley-Oop to Aliyah: African American Hoopsters in the Holy Land (Skyhorse)

Now I’m not a huge inspirational sports story fan, but I love everything about this book. In the book, Goldstein interviews over forty African American basketball players who have packed up and moved to Israel to play and live there. Their stories of racial, religious, and political challenges while abroad are fascinating, enlightening, and, honestly, really emotional.

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Alley-Oop to Aliyah
by David A. Goldstein
ISBN: 9781510724792

Cookie Cutters and Sled Runners (Sky Pony)

I wish this book had come out when I was a kid. It’s a lovely story of close female friendship, baking, dealing with mental illness, and puppies. Did I mention cookies and puppies? I can’t imagine a more heartwarming combination. There are recipes in the book from the characters as a bonus. In all seriousness, though, it’s a really beautiful story about friendship and being a child living with OCD.

Animal lovers, don’t miss out on this post about Vets and Pets ,this one about horses, or this one about Skyhorser Sam Levitz’s love for snakes!

Cookie Cutters & Sled Runners
by Natalie Rompella
ISBN: 9781510717718

More Human Than Human (Night Shade)

Night Shade always has amazing anthologies. If you’re like me and absolutely adored Westworld—even though androids and robots absolutely terrify you—then you’re going to love this book. Science Fiction writers clearly can’t get enough of the artificial humanity trope, but it’s awesome to see all these stories compiled together, proving to readers over and over just how powerful and compelling fiction of artificial intelligence can be.

Here’s another great Sci-Fi you should check out!

More Human Than Human
edited by Neil Clarke
ISBN: 9781597809146

New York Fantastic (Night Shade)

Here’s another great Night Shade anthology. Paula Guran compiles fantasy stories all set in your favorite city (and mine, I guess): New York. These stories are incredibly diverse in subject matter—some are horrific and some are more lighthearted. Don’t we all wonder about the faeries that live in Central Park?

Fantasy fans, don’t miss this amazing YA fantasy. The sequel is coming at the start of 2018!

New York Fantastic
edited by Paula Guran
ISBN: 9781597809313

Tone Deaf (Sky Pony)

In this Young Adult title from Sky Pony, Olivia Rivers explores the world of bad-boy rock bands, fangirl culture, and living with a disability. Ali, the main character, is a seventeen-year-old ex-child prodigy of music who survived a brain tumor only to then lose her hearing completely. In a strange turn of events, she ends up stowing away on the famous boy band Tone Deaf’s tour van as she flees a situation of domestic abuse. It’s got romance; it’s got friendship; it’s got LGBT representation; it’s got disability representation; it’s got it all.

Psst… Here’s another knockout YA title… A Great Gatsby retelling with drag queens involved? Yes, please.

Tone Deaf
by Olivia Rivers
ISBN: 9781634507073

Which one are you adding to your TBR list? Tell us in the comments!

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