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By Rebecca Bolstein, Corrections Editor

It’s a real chore, having to read every book we publish… Just kidding! Can you believe this is an actual job? Getting paid to be a bookworm? Amazing.

Here are seven of my many favorites from this entire year. Which one are you adding to your TBR list? Tell us in the comments!

Lucky Supreme (Arcade Publishing)

Jeff Johnson’s Lucky Supreme hooked me so fast. Set in a rapidly gentrifying but still grizzly Portland neighborhood, Lucky Supreme is one of those books that has you rooting for people with incredibly questionable ethics and morals. Johnson is a phenomenal storyteller, giving such vivid and likable personalities to these bizarre and utterly horrific examples of mankind. This book is thrilling and dark and gritty and hilarious and strange. Read it.

Did we mention there’s already a sequel? Check out A Long Crazy Burn here!

Lucky Supreme
by Jeff Johnson
ISBN: 9781628727579

Entropy in Bloom (Night Shade Books)

I honestly don’t know if I can accurately describe how this collection of surrealist horror stories made me feel. Jeremy Robert Johnson does things with words that makes them manifest bodily inside you like really painful but delicious indigestion. In your soul. These stories will stick with you, I guarantee it (my personal favorite is “Dissociative Skills”). They’re all haunting and gorgeous and disgusting and powerful.

Looking for another great horror read? Here’s a YA thriller-horror to get you through your next stay-in Saturday…

Entropy in Bloom
by Jeremy Robert Johnson
ISBN: 9781597809252

In Search of Our Roots (Skyhorse Publishing)

This book was a companion to the PBS series of the same name. It recounts the various stories of prominent African American celebrities as they discover their family histories—among them, Oprah Winfrey, Morgan Freeman, and Maya Angelou. Readers quickly discover how complex and challenging the art of tracing African American genealogical records really is, especially when ancestors are listed as property on the US census. The book gently weaves these different family histories into a larger context of African American history, and it’s a great read.

Interested in more family history of the famous? Check out this fascinating post about presidential parents!

In Search of Our Roots
by Henry Louis Gates
ISBN: 9781510720701

Godblind (Talos Press)

I LOVED this book. I think I reread this book twice in the first week it was assigned to me. Not only is the story brilliantly crafted and devastatingly worded, but it catches you by the throat and does not let you go until the very end. It is graphic and dark and bloody and emotional. This book is one of the best high fantasy books I’ve read in ages. Anna Stephens is an author to watch. I can’t wait for the sequels.

Fantasy fans, don’t miss this amazing YA fantasy. The sequel is coming at the start of 2018!

by Anna Stephens
ISBN: 9781940456935

Girl in the Show (Sky Pony)

I think this book was written for me. As a self-described “funny girl,” I am its target audience. In it, Anna Fields documents the generational history of “female comedians” and asks us to question why we even include that descriptor word at all. I should admit I also love this book because I am related to Gilda Radner, who features prominently (as she should). But, really, this feminist history of women in comedy is a must read.

Another great behind-the-scenes comedy read is Laughing Legends. Check out a couple great blog posts about it here (the amazing book launch!) and here (the story of the night Chris Rock got discovered!).

Girl in the Show
by Anna Fields
ISBN: 9781510718364

Marshmallow Heaven (Skyhorse Publishing)

This one is a no-brainer for me. I love marshmallows. I love artisanal foods. Why wouldn’t I love a book dedicated to artisanal marshmallows? There are honestly some marshmallow recipes in here that I never would have considered crafting in my entire life but now my eyes have been opened.

Looking for more delicious dessert recipes? Look no further: a free toasted marshmallow recipe, a great recipe for warm weather, and a post full of book and food pairings… Of course there are many more great, free recipes in our kitchen. You’re welcome!

Marshmallow Heaven
by Tricia Arce and photographer Joanie Simon
ISBN: 9781510723597

Slobberknocker (Sports Publishing)

Okay, this might seem totally out of left field for me, but I loved this book. Stories about professional wrestling fascinate me, and this biography of Jim Ross is a wild ride from start to finish. There is a moment in this book when Jim Ross recounts his first meeting with Duane “The Rock” Johnson, and it is completely unforgettable. If you love professional wrestling, you’ll love this book. If you don’t know anything about professional wrestling but are curious about whether people are actually being slammed with metal folding chairs, you’ll love this book.

Check out two more of our great sports-related posts! Here’s one on Peyton Manning, and you can’t miss this one about the Chicago Cubs (World Series Champions!).

by Jim Ross with Paul O’Brien
ISBN: 9781683581130

As Corrections Editor at Skyhorse, I play fullback… I’m the final pass before a book goes to print. That means I get to read every. single. book. we publish. !

It’s an exciting job, and like all bookworms, I have plenty of opinions! It’s always difficult to choose from so many great books, but here are five I’ve selected to share with you from 2017.

Happy reading!

Rebecca Bolstein, Corrections Editor, Skyhorse Publishing

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